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    Miami Economic growth
    Real estate, once again, can be found at the head of South Florida’s economic pack.
    New output numbers released Tuesday show real estate as the No. 1 contributor to economic growth last year, accounting for 31 cents of every new dollar added to the tri-county area’s $274 billion economy. Overall, the economy grew by 3.5 percent, the sharpest increase since 2006 and well ahead of the national metropolitan average of 2.5 percent.
    “Overall, I think it’s a pretty good number,” said Robert Cruz, official economist for Miami-Dade County. He noted that of Florida’s largest economies, South Florida had the sharpest growth in 2012.
    Real estate’s return as a major economic engine comes amid rising property values and a return of cranes in downtown Miami as developers again see profits in one of the most ravaged housing markets in the country.
    In 2012, the real estate sector — which is driven by rents, property values and commercial transactions — contributed about $52 billion. That was 8.4 percent better than in 2011.
    In 2014 housing market doubts that home prices in Miami will jump as much as they did in the past year but market watchers expect single-digit price increases in the new year.

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    About Miami
    Full of stunningly beautiful people and places, Miami is a sub-tropical Paradise washed by brilliant southern light, kissed by enveloping blue-green, shimmering seas that gently roll to a White sand shore.  Miami’s zest for all things sensual is show-cased in its music and food: spirited salsa and cool jazz, a cuisine that unites fresh seafood with tropical flavors, all providing evidence of a city dedicated to the spices of life. The sultry, seductive Miami entertains many identities: quiet haven,  retiree refuge, celebrity playground, cutting-edge jet-setting wonderland, and tourist Mecca. The kitschy, candy-coated Art Deco District, home to 400 registered historic  buildings .
    South Beach, one of the most famous neighborhoods in the world, the playground where the ultra rich and famous cavort around Ocean Drive in sidewalk cafes and world class restaurants.
    Miami is America´s celebrity-saturated Riviera, with a touch of St.Tropez, but the French Riviera has never had a beach as beautiful, or  a nightlife so diverse.
    Miami is the place where you can become someone else.

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